Pre-Construction & Engineering Services

An important part & stage of every project is proper designing and planning. PGCC Pre-Construction & Engineering services is designed to provide the necessary pre-project planning, cost and schedule development, Engineering review and value engineering prior to the start of a Construction & Engineering project. These services can be provided individually or bundled in a group. When pre-Construction & engineering services are utilized effectively, this results in a reduction of changes during the Construction phase of the project as well as keeping the project on schedule and on budget. The following is a list of pre-Construction & engineering services provided by PGCC:

  1. Evaluation of Client’s Program          
  2. Conceptual Budget
  3. Preliminary Design
  4. Detailed Construction Schedule
  5. Detailed Budgets and Updates
  6. Projected Cash Flow
  7. Subcontractor Bid Analysis and Award
  8. Subcontractor Qualification   
  9. Preliminary Subcontractor Pricing
  10. Design Scope/Budget Comparisons
  11. Value Engineering
  12. Final Bid Packages
  13. Design Scope/Budget Comparisons   
  14. Value Engineering
  15. Final Bid Packages

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