PROJECT#3- Building Mechanical installations
    N o   Project Description Supply & installation of a fueling system for generator &vehicle refueling dispensers that included fuel tanks, loading pumps, generator pumps plumbing, valves & fittings, meters, controls.Supply & installation of water booster pumps & pressure tanks chlorination system in water pump house. The control panel for water well and water tanks, sewage lift station & its control panel. Supply & connection of sewage lift station to sewage storage tanks, plumbing for water and wastewater & installation of sanitary equipment’s for all toilets in the project.Fabrication and installation of air duct & air equipment for all facilities in the project.Installation of propane gas system for the DFAC.Installation of roll-up doors.Provision and Installation of Double Sliding Vehicle Gats and Arm Barriers Supply of construction material & skill & un skill labors for the subject project.
1 Project Name 2nd Special Forces Kandak –To 074 Kandahar Afghanistan
2 ECC Prim Contract FA8903-06-D-8511
3 Project Location Kandahar Airport, Afghanistan
4 Issue Date 28-Feb- 2011
5 Completion Date 23-April-2013
6 Contact Person Mr. Chad Bautista   &  Mr. Tom Maher
7 Email Address of POC   &
8 Cell Phone +93(0)798 218 146
9 Contract Amount($) 723,967.43  USD