PROJECT #7-Electrical power plant facilities
    N o     Project Description     Work for construction of DG sets rooms, Fuel Tanks, Lattice structure and control room panel room and co2 room at Gereshk HPP Afghanistan.Amendment No.1 against work order No. 03/AHA JV/GSK/Civil/127-02 dated 18-09-2015 for construction of foundations of DG sets and supply and erection of steel lattice structure at Gereshk HPP Afghanistan.
1 PGCC Contract Number 92/AHA-JV/GSK/Civil/127-02
2 Project Location Helmand Gereshk Province, Afghanistan
3 Issue Date 18-September- 2015
4 Completion Date In Progress
5 Contact Person C.M. Sherma  Chief Project Manager
6 Email Address of POC
7 Cell Phone +91 8447732368
8 Contract Amount($) 14,35483 AFN
9 Donor AIPL- Hunan Allonward JV /DABS